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Tired of that one watch you never wear?
Trade up to your next new timepiece with Zotick.

How it works
Trading up is fast and easy


Pick the watch you want to buy from our product page and add to cart.


Complete the form and upload photos of your watch which you want to exchange. Receive an estimate of your old watch immediately with no wait time.


Apply Discount Coupon Code and proceed to payment.


Your Watch will be thoroughly inspected for QC and Authentication at the time of delivery of the new product.

Why Trade Your Watches ToZotick?

Zotick’s Trade In & Trade Up program is an Exchange Offer program allows you to exchange your used watch / timepiece for a discount on a new watch bought on ZOTICK. For example, you can get your favorite wrist watch at a comparatively lesser price by exchanging your old watch.

Terms and conditions for availing exchange / buyback offers on ZOTICK are below:

  • Tell us about your watch with our simple form. The more information & photos you share with us the more accurate the market valuation will be.
  • The rate of exchange on watches varies from watch category to category.
  • To buy with Exchange Offer, you will need to share some basic information about your used product, based on which you will receive an immediate discount on the new product.
  • At the time of delivery of the new product, the Delivery Associate (DA) will examine and pick-up the used watch that is to be exchanged. If the used product to be exchanged does not match the description provided at the time of placing the Exchange Offer order, the DA will not be able to the deliver the new product. In this case, your order will be cancelled and a refund will be processed if you have already paid for the order.
Welcome to Virtual Assistance service. Our experts makes your shopping experience at hassle-free and assist you to browse through our impeccable collection of watches.
Our service offers:
  • Understanding of Watches
  • Real -time expert advice
  • Assisting you in browsing through our impeccable collection
  • Advising you in choosing the right watch

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